Baluk Arts has a range of Indigenous services available for your organisation, school or event. These include:


Art Workshops for Schools and Events 

Indigenous Artist in Residence

Arts Consultancy

                                                                                                            Photograph by Tracey-Lea Smith 


By booking any of these services you are employing local Indigenous artists. All proceeds go directly to the artist and to their organisation to provide arts activities/services to the south eastern Melbourne Indigenous community.


To make a booking or discuss your event please call us on (03) 5975 5000 or email us at


Indigenous Arts Workshops                           2 Artists               3 Hours $600 + GST (materials not included)                                      

Aboriginal artists are available to facilitate arts workshops at events and to primary and secondary students. Two of our Indigenous artists come to you and deliver workshops ranging from boomerang, clap stick painting and drawing/storytelling. Art workshops can be adapted to suit your needs. The workshops are based on Aboriginal cultural themes. We are happy to discuss your requirements and how we could assist you.


Aboriginal Artists in Residence                       1 Artist             $200 Per Hour + GST (materials not included)                                       2 Artists             $400 Per Hour + GST

Aboriginal artists are available to work with students in creating group work such as murals and public art pieces. Two of our Indigenous artists will come to you and they can encourage team work and self expression based on individual stories and relating to personal cultural themes and stories. Artists are open to linking their residency with teaching and learning curriculum. We are happy to discuss your requirements. Discoun may be available for full day booking or more. 




Aboriginal Art / Curriculum Consultancy                            Per Hour $150 + gst

Artists and staff with extensive knowledge of the local Indigenous community and the wider Indigenous Arts Industry are available for consultancy work to provide you with the advice you need. Our artists and staff can consult with schools, government or organisations about how to engage Aboriginal people in the community, cultural appropriateness, how to deliver an education component and offer services in many other areas. We are happy to discuss your requirements.